About us

Founded in the vibrant city of Helsinki in 2023, Hey Pretty You is more than just a fashion jewelry boutique. Our mission is to empower women to feel their most beautiful.


We firmly believe that every woman possesses inherent beauty. With the right jewelry choices, they can elevate their entire look, boosting self-confidence and igniting the beauty that lies within. Whether you're searching for an elegant everyday piece or a self-expressive design that exudes determination and sophistication in the workplace, we hope Pretty You has something special to offer you



As women, our roles in the world are diverse and multifaceted. Despite these differences, our collective strength and confidence unite us. It's this inner resilience that empowers us to embrace our unique roles and make a meaningful impact.

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Women are natural lovers and caregivers, embodying boundless compassion for others. Yet, our capacity to love others deeply stems from our ability to love ourselves first.

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  • Confidence

    Proudly showcase our beauty, it's our strength that shines through self-love, allowing our inner beauty to radiate brightly to the world.

  • Self-care

    It's essential to prioritize self-love and self-care before extending our care and love to others.

  • Care

    Home items that bring warmth and coziness are essential for making our home a place of solace and joy.